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Our approach to charges for our services

Are you left confused and lost for choice by the vast array of options other photographers present ?

Do you simply want someone to come along and take excellent photos of your special day at a sensible price and have a clear idea what you will be getting for your money ??

Well for starters we cost wedding attendance based upon the time you would like us to be available rather than the quantity of photos taken. Rest assured we will be shooting constantly to ensure the best possible final selection from which to choose. Bear in mind however that the longer we are shooting, the more pictures we inevitably accumulate and the more time consuming it subsequently becomes to sort, crop and edit the best of them after the event - this inevitably reflects in our prices. We all know acquiring the ingredients for a meal is relatively easy – it’s how you prepare and serve the finished dish that people remember !

What you get for your money ?

First and foremost, the basis of our ethical approach is to supply you with a CD of all of the usable hi–resolution images – fully edited and digitally enhanced, so you can obtain as many reprints and additional copies as you like at high street prices, rather than hold you to ransom for individual prints at exorbitant prices. We consider you are fundamentally employing us because we have an ‘eye for detail’ and the ability to identify the ‘photo opportunities’ that enable us to capture the raw images in the first instance

Secondly our pricing structure starts with an affordable no frills "Simply Photos" approach but with an extensive choice of quality "Reportage" albums , photo books and other services as ‘optional extras’.

Let me elaborate – If you would prefer to prepare your own wedding album from a commercially available range the "Simply Photos" option enables you to take your CD to any high street printing service and order copies at whatever size you wish and mount them any way you please.

The "Reportage Album" option includes a post bound album from the ‘Spicer Hallfield’ professional range that we create for you from your choice of a set number of images. The album utilises a selection of adhesive ‘overlay’ templates to present your selection in a beautiful  ‘coffee table’ book format – naturally we have a demonstration album which you can view in order to make an informed choice but click here to view examples

‘Reportage’ albums are by no means cheap but our prices reflect the time and expertise taken in overseeing the creation of this visual record of the most important day of your lives

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