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What is ‘Reportage’ ?

Reportage photography is by its nature the portrayal of a story through the medium of images. It originally evolved from photojournalism developing a more candid approach to increase the levels of realism and emotion

At your wedding my assistant and I endeavour to be as transparent as possible, so you and your guests are relaxed in our presence to the extent you will often be unaware your picture is even being taken – this spontaneous journalistic style captures the spirit of the occasion each photo making its own unique contribution to the overall story.

Although we consider ourselves ‘Reportage’ style wedding photographers in reality clients seeking a more contemporary style still often request a few traditional ‘family group’ shots for good measure and of course that’s fine with us.

Essentially, the choice of styles is yours and you may also choose a mixture of colour or black & white in the final output. Likewise we are happy to accompany you to a secondary location, such as a local beach or beauty spot for a few intimate portraits and close ups.

Please take a look at the sample photos on the ‘WeddingPix4U’ home page to see if this photographic approach is what you seek or better still go to the ‘Contact Us’ page and request a free sample DVD without obligation

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